Friday, January 4, 2008

A new trend? Grocers taking a social stand through banning products

I’m not sure you can classify this as a trend but there’s another grocer in the news taking a social stand by banning a product. First was Whole Foods war against plastic bags and now Wegmans Food Markets announced today that it will cease selling tobacco products in all of its 71 stores. The decision, according to CEO Danny Wegman, was made in part due to “…the destructive role smoking plays in health.” Could this be the next differentiator among grocery store chains; aligning social responsibly ideals by banning products? It creates an interesting dialogue between the consumer and the grocer. Akin to if you believe everyone should do their part shop here to show your support. It certainly brings a more positive association and perhaps an affinity to a chore very few of us like to do.

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