Monday, January 21, 2008

Bliss' well placed sample with Sephora

My last post ended up being a critique about Sephora's Beauty Insider loyalty program. However, I did leave out the one thing they got right. Because Sephora has my some of my personal information, including my birthday, they knew I was right around the corner from the yearly celebration. Everybody loves birthday gifts so to get in on the action Sephora partnered with bliss to give out samples of bliss' naked body butter. What makes the sample special is the printed ribbon at the top of the bottle (see image above) that says "a gift for your 'birthday suit'!" This is a smart way for a company (in this case bliss) to capture the attention of shoppers with a 'special gift' in celebration of themselves. Though it's mass produced, the birthday notation makes the sample seem personal. It makes the recipient think twice about it, feel a certain affinity toward bliss and I bet it increases the trial rate of the product, which is likely to increase the purchase rate. Way to go bliss for some well placed product samples.

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