Thursday, January 17, 2008

Apple's Time Capsule

The blogosphere is alight with commentary on Apple’s new Macbook Air; but my favorite item from Macworld is the less talked about Time Capsule. When I saw this on Apple’s website after Steve Jobs’ keynote (which I missed due to a meeting on the less glamorous topic of healthcare reform in Massachusetts) I jumped out of my seat and proclaimed: I have to have that! I’m terrible at backing up, although I realize the importance of it after having been burned before. So having a wireless drive that doubles as a Wi-Fi base station and will automatically back up my data for me on a day to day basis is pure heaven. Add to that one less piece of hardware lying around the house and I get one step closer to my New Year’s resolution of getting rid of 10% of my belongings. It’s an all around win. Oh, and the new functionality that just got added to my iPhone isn’t bad either…

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