Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Mac Persona

I love my Mac, and I’m not ashamed to admit that yes, I often exemplify the often cited lemming like and/or cult like behavior that personifies long time Mac devotees. This past year and a half has represented my first professional encounter with the PC, an experience that makes me want to run home everyday and kiss my Macbook for being so simple, so intuitive and yes, so good looking. That’s why I enjoyed Ad Age’s recent article: Mac Owners are Just Like, Well, The Mac Guy. The article discusses the Mac user “mind-set-profile” as gathered by Mindset Media, there’s a photo of actor Justin Long and personality traits that emerged among Mac users in the study, namely: superior, open, perfectionists, music mavens, not dogmatic, eco-minded greenies and satisfied with their purchase. Not that satisfied with their purchase is really a personality trait, but it was a nice way of pointing out that 79% of Mac purchasers are “very satisfied” with their computer purchase vs. 59% for Dell and 58% for HP. After reading my personality traits as depicted by my astrology chart (I’m an Aquarius) I felt cheated – it was a stretch to say anything rang particularly true. But after reading the profile put together for the typical Mac user I kept shaking my head saying yes, that sounds a little more like me (except the music maven part, I admittedly have terrible taste in music). So instead of looking to the stars I guess I’ll just keep looking to my Mac.

Image from Ad Age, visit http://adage.com/article?article_id=123350 for an enlarged version.

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Rishi said...

Interestingly, I don't own a Mac, but can easily relate to the love, admiration and bonding that you share with a Mac.. In reading a lot about Mac, both in terms of aesthetics, product performance but above all its brand image and equity, I can see why you (and a whole bunch of other people) are so drawn to a Mac. I also love the latest series of Mac creatives (Mac vs PC)... you start appreciating the Mac persona of someone who is so comfortable in his own skin, plays the game by his own rules, and is not really trying too hard! Hopefully my next comp will be a Mac!!