Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Power of Great Design

I'm a fan of great design and try to surround myself with it. That's one of the reasons I loved working in the architecture industry. So the minute I caught glimpse of the Flip Video I was in love. The more compelling part to this story - I've never had a desire to own a video camera, I prefer still shots and usually of the black and white variety. 

Here's a little background on this post - I'm currently a student in Emerson's Integrated Marketing Communication graduate program (but not for long, I graduate in 2 weeks). I'm studying Interactive & eCommerce (i.e. social media) in one of my classes. We recently had the pleasure of a guest speaker, C.C. Chapman. He was talking about his work with Verizon and the block party they were planning in Philly. He mentioned that Verizon was using the Flip Video cameras as one of their giveaways and showed us Flip Video's website. There was an audible "very cool" from the classroom when the website was shown. And that night I returned home, hopped on Amazon and ordered one. A few weeks later, while talking to some classmates I discovered that I was not the only one propelled to buy.

What makes the Flip Video land in the category of great design? In my opinion it's the size and weight (both making it extremely portable), the built in USB connection (no need for additional parts), the fact that it's battery operable (no need for a power source), the ease of use (essentially push and record) and the range of colors (so you can show your individuality). It's a statement to thinking about how your customers use video cameras in today's portable, let's capture every moment world.

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