Monday, December 31, 2007

Manifesto: Drawings that will change your life

There’s something magical about a drawing. Drawings give life to ideas. They help groups to brainstorm better. And they help the presenter articulate an idea. While I was doing my graduate work at Emerson I would often poach (with permission of course) great drawings from other professionals to use at brainstorming sessions with my teammates. The exercises were fun, but more important they worked as a catalyst to get all of us students, with varying degrees of work experience, on the same page. Once that was accomplished the possibilities, and ideas, were endless. Because of my affinity for drawings I would like to share with you a recent manifesto from ChangeThis titled Drawings that will change your life by Ralph Perrine. I hope it inspires you, like it will me, to bring a drawing to your next brainstorming session.

Valerie Conyngham

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