Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jack Cards turns its customers into its sales force

Jack Cards, an on-line purveyor of greeting cards has put together a great piece of marketing collateral to help it customers spread the word of its brand, turning its customers into its sales force. With each greeting card order Jack Cards includes a $10 gift certificate to be tucked into the greeting card before being sent out. Its customers get to give a little extra something to their loved ones and Jack Cards gets new customers.

There are only two flaws with this campaign. Jack Cards is such a great resource for unique cards that I'm hesitant to give up my source. And there's that uneasy feeling you get when you're obviously passing along a marketing message to your friends and family in their greeting card. The cure? Leave the gift card out of the greeting card, but pass it along to someone else. Bottom line, it's a great campaign and a huge improvement over the pre-stamped postcards boasting the Jack Cards brand that Jack Cards used to include with its orders.

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