Thursday, October 2, 2008

From unique to non-descript

I was surprised to see/hear in a recent television commercial (yes, I still watch commercials) that Electrasol was changing its name. And the most surprising part is the blandness of the new name - finish. It's generic and the addition of the diamond image and tagline - the diamond standard of dishwashing - does nothing to take away the ineffectual rebranding.

It's usually a mistake to change the name of a product that caries a great deal of brand recognition, like Electrasol. Name changes can create confusion, diminish brand recall and soften sales. But if a company is going to change the name of a product, it should choose a name that's meaningful to the product, not a name that's muttered by parents around the dinner table (finish your vegatables, meat, rice, you get the picture) long before the dishes hit the dishwasher .

I don't know the background on this name change and a google search resulted only in a bunch of coupon offers to celebrate the new name. I only hope the marketers behind the rebranding effort were strong-armed into the finish name and didn't craft this meager candidate themselves.


Anonymous said...

It seems that Reckitt Benckiser makes both "finish" and "electrasol". It also appears that these are two names for the same product; finish being the european name and electrasol the north american name. So they've just decided to consolodate the product under a single brand name. However one still has to ask why they're doing this, since electrasol is such a strong north american brand.

Terry said...

It seems to me that they tried changing Electrasol's name to Finish once before, years ago. It didn't catch on, so they changed back. I could be mistaken, but I also can't find anything except coupon offers, etc on the web.