Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jack Cards - Filling a Niche

I receive a weekly e-newsletter from Springwise filled with interesting business ideas, many correlating with hot consumer trends as identified through Trendwatching. One of this week's business ideas was Jack Cards, a great website to help people organize their card giving lives.

Like so many successful business models the idea of Jack Cards is simple. It's internet based so the costs are relatively low (at least lower than a brick and mortar), it's unique, has a large selection, makes browsing extremely easy and best of all it encourages visitors to sign-up once, put in all of their contacts (mom, dad, sis, etc) and corresponding card giving dates (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc), assign cards to contacts and give a credit card. Even if the average visitor only enters in five people, that's five automatic sales the site makes, all without the visitor having to remember to visit Jack Cards before the card giving event. 

Every year I make a promise to myself to never forget a birthday and every year I break that promise. I've tried lots of things - calendar reminders, printed birthday calendars, post-it note reminders - and still nothing works. And when I do remember a birthday I end up getting to the stationary store so late that I'm shopping in the belated birthday greetings section. Jack Cards promises to fix all that by allowing me to enter in an unlimited amount of birthdays and select cards for each birthday man or woman. Before the birthday they mail me the card, I sign it and put in the mailbox (they'll even address and stamp the envelope). The cards are great too, very original and nicely designed. So my new resolution (I'm getting an early start to 2008) is to use Jack Cards and never (fingers crossed) forget a birthday again. 

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