Sunday, November 16, 2008

Identifying Needs

It's the job of the marketing department to identify and/or create needs and then satisfy those needs with its services or products. There are many ways to acheive this - holding focus groups, keeping a feedback loop alive with your customers, talking to people, listening to conversations on-line, etc. If you work for a company that makes toothpaste here's your opportunity at a little free market research.

I have a need and I want a company that makes toothpaste to solve it. This is my call to action to Crest, Colgate, Oral B and any other toothpaste manufacturer that's listening (you are all paying attention to blogs, right?). I have a four year old and she cannot get toothpaste out of a toothpaste tube (I've tried every brand and tube style available at CVS) without making a complete mess. I'm looking for something that is easy for her to dispense herself, only dispenses one "serving" at a time and is mess free; throw in a Disney character to make it more appealing to her and I'm willing to pay $1 premium for the toothpaste. Make sure it's available at CVS and I'm guaranteed to find it. More questions? Feel free to drop me a line.

Image by Leo Reynolds

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