Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Comcast purchases Daily Candy

Earlier this month Comcast announced its purchase of Daily Candy, a daily email service of what's hot, new and in-style. The $125 million purchase price is a testament to Daily Candy's popularity and a portfolio booster for Comcast. But do you really trust Comcast to put out an insiders' guide to the hot new things to try and buy? To me it's a misfit. I'm a Comcast customer, but only because they're the only cable provider in my area, and I certainly wouldn't turn to the company for fashion advice. True, most readers of Daily Candy will not have heard of the sale and it's unlikely there will be a shift in content. You can also make the argument that Comcast is in the content business and this is just one way for them to profit off the content they distribute. But I'm curious, of those that know about the sale, has their trust is the daily email become more subdued? To me, it's all a little less authentic.

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