Friday, January 16, 2009

Tylenol warms Boston

Tylenol's newest outdoor advertising campaign is amazingly cool, or warm as it may be. The company is running a series of advertisements on outdoor bus shelters promoting their warming liquids line. What makes the campaign unique is in addition to the traditional printed billboard, Tylenol has installed heat lamps on the inside of the shelters the company is advertising on. The ads play on the theme of warm up with Tylenol warming liquids and standing in the bus shelter, looking at the ad you can literally warm up. What resonates most about this campaign is the product solves a need (providing a quick warm to your otherwise feverish, cold, sick body) but so too does the advertising. And on a cold Boston day there is nothing better than catching a spot under the heat lamps when you're standing and waiting for the bus. Thank you Tylenol!

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