Thursday, March 13, 2008

A clever campaign by USPS and HBO to promote the John Adams miniseries

The United States Postal Service and HBO are partnering for a clever marketing campaign to gain exposure for both the upcoming John Adams miniseries on HBO and the lost art of letter writing. The campaign is called Power of the Letter. Participants can customize and send a free John Adams greeting card via Cardstore, enter to win a trip to Colonial Williamsburg and watch clips from the upcoming miniseries. The greeting cards all contain quotes from John Adams' correspondences with his wife Abigail Adams and contain the miniseries information on the back of the card. They're also customizable to the point where you can include your own imagery and words on the inside of the card. Once the order is completed the USPS will pick up the postage tab. Mail is further being utilized to promote the campaign via the special Power of the Letter cancellation stamp being used which reads: "Let us dare to read, think, speak and write." John Adams 1765

If you're familiar with John Adams you'll remember that he was a prolific letter writer, making the partnership between HBO and the USPS very fitting. It's a beautiful example of how two organizations collaborate to put together a marketing campaign befitting to both.

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Rishi said...

It is indeed a smart tie-up.. I will definetely watch (DVR) the series. It is indeed a pity that our kids will grow in a world where they will just IM or email, and would never probably see the aura of a regular snail mail..